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Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Management & Optimization
A PPC campaign lets you pay for sponsored website listings, and the search engines display your ad and link near the organic listings for the precise word or phrase you choose. These listings are visually marked as being paid for by the advertiser.

PPC advertising has the potential to produce a high return on investment - but like any form of advertising it must be precisely planned, strategically implemented and monitored. Since you are paying 'per click', it is vitally important that you setup and manage a proper PPC Campaign. Nothing is worse than wasting money bidding on keywords that do not convert well on your website.

The most common places to advertise are Google and Bing since the majority of people perform their search using them. Since a campaign needs to be setup and managed individually with each company, most clients establish a single campaign with Google since it is currently the dominant search engine. The disadvantage of having your campaign with Google is each keyword tends to be more expensive because of its popularity.

PPC Initial Setup & Keyword Research - $795

We will setup a geographically targeted campaign to improve your current marketing results. This includes the initial setup along with 5 hours of monthly analysis and optimization.

  • Keyword Research and Setup
  • Ad Development
  • Bid Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Geographic Targeting Management
  • Local Business Advertisements
  • A-B Split Testing (To improve ad effectiveness)

You will have direct access to the Google AdWords account allowing you to control the campaign in the future and you will be heavily involved in the following:

  • Help identify initial keywords and the amount your willing to Pay Per Click
  • Help identify the geographically region to target your ads.
  • Determine the monthly and daily limits to spend on the campaign

PPC Monthly Management - $395 (5 hours, no long term contract, cancel anytime)

Once your ads are active, we will monitor your performance and manually adjust the bid levels for each individual keyword for better results. We will also revise your ad copy for better click-thru rates which will help you get more relevant and potential leads at lower prices. We will discuss options for improving the campaign with you each month.

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