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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a fantastic way for you to stay in front of your customers.  Email marketing includes the use of email based newsletters, auto-responders and surveys.   There are many advantages of using an online email marketing system vs setting up a mailing list in Outlook that you periodically send messages to:

  • An email marketing system like MailChimp or iContact have been white listed so your messages are not identified as spam by the email providers.
  • Subscribers opt-in to your mailings.
  • Advanced reporting to see who reads your messages and if they click on any links.
  • The appearance of the messages are more professional
  • You can schedule when messages are sent
  • You won't be limited by how many messages you can send
  • You can take advantage of advanced options like auto-responders and surveys

We can help you develop an effective email marketing strategy to increase your subscriber base.  We'll setup, configure and design email templates so that you can easily publish your own newsletters.  If you need help writing on a consistent basis, we can write newsletters on your behalf.

Our email marketing packages start at $495 for initial setup

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