Content Management Features

We are very proud of our custom Content Management System.  We call it Latitude because it doesn't box you in, but gives you flexibility and freedom.  There are a ton of awesome features available and what's great is that we can customize any of the existing features or create new ones to meet your specific needs.  Below you'll find some details about each feature.

Custom Home Page

Your home page will have a custom layout where you can highlight important information using text, images, and video. You might feature products, news and events. Areas of the page can be setup to rotate through content in a slideshow fashion.


Unlimited Information Pages

Adding pages to your site is easy. When you create a page your menus and breadcrumb navigation is updated automatically. You can include text, images, links, videos and more on any page. Each page will have a friendly url providing easy to understand web addresses.



It's easy to add mp3 files to your site thanks to our widget functionality. All you need is the path to the mp3 file and a player will be added to your page so that visitors can click to play. You can add multiple mp3 files to the same page and include descriptive titles and text for each one.


Adding video to your pages is another great widget built into our system. You can add multiple videos to the same page using any embed code provided by video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You can position the video in several areas of each page including a featured area which scrolls all of the available videos.


You can use articles to provide premium content to your visitors. A rotation of articles can appear on the home page. You can create article types allowing you to group related content. Each article page has a friendly url, providing easy to understand web addresses.



Our blog functionality allows you to have an unlimited number of posts which visitors can comment on. You will have the ability to approve all comments before they appear on your site. It's also posible for you to respond to each comment.


Browser Compatibility

Your website will be compatible with all modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. This is true for the administrative side of your site as well.


Business Directory

Allows you to feature local businesses or your business partners. By simply adding a business it will appear in a consistent format along with all of the other listings.


Collapsable Content

Use the collapsable content widget to add up to 10 collapsable sections to your page. You can add as much content as you want to each section including text, images, links, etc.

Custom Form Builder

A simple way to add forms to your site without having to be a programmer. Setting up forms is fast... you can have a new form up and running in minutes.

Customer Feedback

Let others see what people are saying about you. Customer testimonies are a great way to show potential clients what they can expect when they do business with you.


Donations / Online Giving

We will configure your website to integrate with any 3rd party online giving solution. One of the easiest solutions to implement is PayPal.



If you have products to sell, we will help you get your online store up and running. We can setup an integrated PayPal shopping cart, or leverage a 3rd party shopping cart solution.


Employment Opportunities

Post open positions and allow people to apply. Setting up postings makes sure each job is displayed in a consistent way on your website.



Events can appear in several locations throughout your site including the home page, event listings, event calendar, and related information pages. Events can repeat, require registration, and provide ways to invite friends. Our Add to Calendar option allows visitors to add the event to their desktop calendars.


Friendly URLs

Easy to understand Web addresses which are easy to communicate and remember, easy to guess, improve search engine rankings, and provide better website analytics.

Image Cropping

Crop images and save them to the server without modifying the original graphic. Additional file management options give you greater control over the assets you have uploaded to the web server.

Layout & Style

Toggle visibility of page title, side menu, and auto page links, use page banners to make sections of the site stand out, include related forms and calendars to any page, ability to preview pages before they are published

Main Menu

This feature give you the ability to change the top level menu items in your site. You have total control to change them and even add or remove top level menu items to best organize your content. You can also identify if the menu should have a dropdown option.

Map & Directions

You can add a Google map to any page as a part of our widget functionality. You can identify the center of the map, the zoom level, up to 10 locations and markers to display, and include a built-in driving directions feature for your primary location.

Media Gallery

Add one of our Media Galleries to your site to display a library of on-demand video, mp3 audio, and pdf documents. This is a great way for churches to organize their online sermons.

Member Area

You can offer premium content to the people that matter most to your organization. All member pages will require visitors to login to your site before the content can be seen.


Map & Directions

You can add a Google map to any page as a part of our widget functionality. You can identify the center of the map, the zoom level, up to 10 locations and markers to display, and include a built-in driving directions feature for your primary location.

Mobile Website

Provide a mobile view of your website from the same content you've already setup. When someone visits your site using a mobile device, they are automatically redirected to a mobile version of the site.


An email based newsletter is a great way ti keep touch with your customers. A newsletter subscription form can be added to your website, linking to your email marketing solution of choice.


People, Users & Roles

Setup users to manage the content of your site. Each person can be setup with different permissions so they only update the content that pertains to their area..


Photo Gallery

If you have a lot of photos to share, you can easily setup an unlimited number of galleries on your site. Galleries are one of our widgets which pulls your photos from your Flickr account and displays them in a nice slideshow on the page you designate.



The portfolio module offers a consistent way to showcase your previous projects. Highlights from each project can be setup to rotate on the home page. Each project can leverage images and video.



Each blog and podcast on your site is setup with an RSS subscription. This makes it easy for people to continue getting info from you, even after they leave your site. Most modern browsers ad email clients can subscribe.


Site Map

A site map is a page on your site that links to each of the top level pages on your site. This provides another way for visitors to locate the information they are looking for.


Site Search

Your website can be setup to take advantage of a customer search feature that will read the content on the site to return meaningful results.


Site Statistics

Your site will be setup with free statistics provided by Google Analytics. This is a robust set of stats that will help you see how people are using your site.


Staff Bios

Add staff bios in a consistent format using our staff module. The staff module makes it easy for you to enter information about each person including their photo, position, bio, department, and contact information (phone, email, twitter, facebook)

Upload Files & FTP

The upload feature makes it easy to upload files and images. It also provides an option to resize and optimize images during the upload process.



The workflow module creates an approval process for your content. If you want your managers to approve all of the site content before it appears to your visitors, then this is the module for you.


Throughout the Latitude system you will find an easy to use content editor making it easy for you to add pages to your site without knowing anything about HTML. If you're familiar with Microsoft Word, then you can manage the content on your site.

Exclusive Church Features


A great way to offer daily devotions from your site. You can pre-load devotions to appear on the date you specify. Devotions can be read from the website, or people can subscribe using an RSS feed.


Prayer Requests

The prayer submission form is used to accept visitor requests with minimal required contact information allowing visitors to leave sensitive prayers without losing their anonymity.


Serving Opportunities

If you have a lot of serving opportunities that you would like to promote this is a great way to do it. It allows people to search for opportunities that meet their gifts, abilities and schedule. There are a number of features for both the administrator of the site as well as the website visitor.


Small Group Locator

If you offer a number of small groups around town this is a great way to promote them and help people find one located in their area, on a day that meets their needs. You can create an unlimited number of Small Group Types (Men, Women, Couples, etc) that can also be used to help people find the right group to join.


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